Installation of water

The company BIKATECHPROM is present on the Russian automotive market since 2007, and during this time company has moved to the ranks of the market leader specializes in the design and assembly of various metal structures for the suspension of robots, manipulators, lines, conveyors, positions clips, soldering, pits and technological foundations of any complexity. The company also accounted for manufacturing of the components and equipment for production lines, for the terminal server handling with their equipment, installation and commissioning of complex technological, welding and industrial equipment, installation and maintenance of the engineering systems like electric, water supplying, heating, ventilation, air conditioning equipment. During this time, the company has expanded its activities across many sites on the Russian and international markets, among which the largest automobiles plants of the Russian Federation, the company has opened branches in the Kaluga-City (RF) and the capital of the Republic of Congo – Brazzaville.

The General Director of the LLC «BIKATECHPROM», the Doctor of industrial refrigeration Dieudonne Bafouinsoni said: «Our company during the whole period of its existence provides to its clients a service of high European quality, fully adapted to the today realities of the Russian market…»