The Company BIKATECHPROM located at the address: 109029 Moscow, Mikhailovsky proezd, bat.3, stroenie80,is the official partner and preferred of the company ELC-FRANCE ( ) world leader in “LUMAPHORES and LED” in the territory of the Russian Federation.


The Company BIKATECHPROM is in charge of sales, warranty, information and technical support of equipment and lighting components sold under the brand” ELC”. You can view the cathalogue of these materials on the website : For any questions, please contact the Moscow office of the company at the telephone+7(499)755-69-06 and by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

The Ever done in the Renault factories in the world:

Bikatechprom had worked out and put into execution a project of renovation of the cooling compressors and welding factory Renault-Avtoframos in Moscow, using only water source, accumulating in the pumping stations of the factory of Renault-Avtoframos in Moscow.


This project has allowed a saving(20-40%) into electrical energy. This kind of project is the first in the Renault factories around the world.


During the award ceremony for the Contest security Contractors working at the factory of Renault-Avtoframos, which took place on the 30 August 2013 in Moscow for the second time in a row:


LLC «BIKATECHPROM» has occupied the first place in 2013, and this proves that the specialists of BIKATECHPROM properly follow the rules and standards of the State of safety in construction (GOST and SNIP).

We have just updated our site!

Dear customers! We hasten to announce that we have successfully completed the work on the improvement of our site.


The specialists have made a number of changes, by adding information on the services to ensure that the cooperation with us, to be more practical. We hope you enjoy our work and will use advantage of these new possibilities.

Favorable conditions for the cooperation!
The company «BIKATECHPROM» is in the voice of the constant improvement of its work and special offers for its customers.


If you want to enjoy and save our services, please contact the leaders of your questions by phones of the company. They will provide you more information.

New special solutions!
The specialists of the company «BIKATECHPROM» follow closely the developments in the field of the maintenance and installation of engineering systems.


Thanks to this, we continuously study of new techniques and methods, include to our work, by increasing the level of service for the customers’ complex expectations.

New services! Hurry up to take advantage of it!
We are constantly looking toward the innovation and the future, and follow closely the needs of the customer.


Given large quantities sufficient for construction of industrial facilities, buildings of commerce, we have completed our range of services. For more details you can contact by e-mail our company «BIKATECHPROM» specialists.

Signing of the contract with the company NISSAN
In June 2013 SARL BIKATECHPROM has concluded a contract with NISSAN


which is one of the largest automobile manufacturers world-famous, including the following work were made in the workshops of production of the client:

The design and manufacture of guides special tools (for mounting, dismounting tools), ensuring fast and precise adjustment of manipulators on parts of the body and of matrices of the robots.

The manufacture of several types of trolleys, storage, special to the new production line of cars:

The manufacture of trucks storage wings before;
The manufacture of trucks storage of the exterior panels;
The manufacture of trucks storage interior panels;
The manufacture of trucks storage of the doors before folding in assemblage;
The manufacture of trucks storage of the interior panels covers;
The manufacture of trucks storage door locks, rear fold-down in assemblage;
The manufacturing of shelves, incliners, shelves for doors

The manufacture of interpostes for the assembly phase of the side pieces to new parts of the H79 Nissan in the welding shop of the plant AVTOFRAMOS (Moscow).

The advanced technology in the work
We know combines it is important not only to carry out the engineering work, but also to develop its activities.


We have made a number of useful changes in their work; have completed the catalogue of the equipment and established new relations of cooperation, partnerships with manufacturers of renowned modern technology. This has allowed us to improve the service levels.

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