Who are we

The BIKATECHPROM Ltd. is present on the Russian automotive market since 2007, and during this time company has moved to the ranks of the market leader specializes in the design and assembly of various metal structures for the suspension of robots, manipulators, lines, conveyors, positions clips, soldering, pits and technological foundations of any complexity.

The company also accounted for manufacturing of the components and equipment for production lines, for the terminal server handling with their equipment, installation and commissioning of complex technological, welding and industrial equipment, installation and maintenance of the engineering systems like electric, water supplying, heating, ventilation, air conditioning equipment. During this time, the company has expanded its activities across many sites on the Russian and international markets, among which the largest automobiles plants of the Russian Federation, the company has opened branches in the Kaluga-City (RF) and the capital of the Republic of Congo – Brazzaville.

Many years of experience in the field of building services, manufacturing and assembly of parts, tools, maintenance of the enterprises buildings of the automobile industry and other different sectors of activity, the diversity of diagrams of presentation services have enabled the BIKATECHPROM to apply surely and effectively as possible with his knowledge practices, providing for the each customer a unique mode of co-operation.

The BIKATECHPROM performs most of the work by force of its own structural units (a single contractor in the format “from and up to”) which allows to provide the customers a good level of quality of production, works and services regardless of the location and the number of sites. Innovative approaches in the field of technology and automation allow the BIKATECHPROM Ltd. to use the best world practice in the field of process management. The final result of the cooperation with the Company BIKATECHPROM is the optimization of customer’s expenses; support in the construction, renovation, operation and maintenance, in respect consistently the highest standards of quality.

The quality policy is one of the fundamental aspects in the functioning of the BIKATECHPROM Ltd., which guarantees for customers a high quality of services. In order to resolve its objectives, BIKATECHPROM is inspired by the following principles:

    • spirit customer – is to identify the needs of customers, to «go» beyond his expectations, to work with clients at the same level as a partner;
    • ability to get the result in all situations, to achieve the priority objectives , using all available resources in the best way for the attainment of the projects;
    • Initiative in the work with the clients, the vision of the prospects of improvement, the implementation of ideas, the realization of long-term projects;
    • professionalism – the fact of possessing a high level of professional knowledge, esteem adequate self, self, disprove the level of confidence of the customers and employees of the company ;
    • team work – to find solutions that will benefit all, the willingness to assist colleagues and to share the responsibility for the team work.

This approach is significant is encouraged by the customers of our segment of the market of engineering and construction services , and the fact that in the list of our clients and business partners of the company «BIKATECH.PROM » are the large known companies such as : The automotive plants “Avtovaz” (Toliatti), Renault-Nissan (Moscow, the factory “Avtoframos”), Peugeot-Citroen-Mitsubishi (Kaluga, “PCMA-RUS”), Moscow Network of ”AUCHAN” Hypermarkets, medical clinics «Mother and Child» network, ect…

It can confirm high position of BIKATECHPROM Ltd. on the Russian market segments of construction, installation and maintenance of engineering systems. The activity of the Company is presented in pictures on the site, in the section «Photo Gallery». This is proof that the list of significant customer is not only an advertising strategy for the promotion of its services, but each slide is a concrete illustration of the work done on the site of our customers.