The distinctive feature of the BIKATECHPROM is our harmonious assembled team, capable of performing of the most complicated Clients pretentious. We are capable to perform work of all the levels with the application of contemporary technologies and the reasonable combination of the Russian and European equipment. The LLC BIKATECHPROM has all objective necessary licenses from the Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation for all types of work carried out by the BIKATECHPROM. The construction, installation and operation of the equipment could be realized only by specialists certified by the competent bodies.


Our advantages::

  • With its own design office,
  • With its own production workshop,
  • Solving various tasks of production thanks to the extensive network of relationships with business partners,
  • A Team of mounting experienced,
  • The speed of execution of tasks,
  • The realization of works «turnkey»,
  • The construction of the production and assembly, in accordance with the current standards of the State(GOST and SNIP). Warranty and after-sales service.

The high level of the quality of services offered, can be confirmed by the certificate regular system of quality management of BIKATECHPROM on conformity to standards ISO 9001:2008

The last audit of the company BIKATECHPROM has pointed out:

  • the orientation of the system of quality management to meet the requirements of the consumer;
  • a high level of mind of the employees of the limited liability company BIKATECHPROM is oriented towards the customer;
  • a leadership role to ensure the maintenance and improvement of the system of quality management (QMS);
  • the involvement of leaders of the SARLBIKATECHPROM and its employees in the activities (QMS);
  • establishment of new effective methods to get links back to consumers of services;
  • the system of internal control to be effective;
  • system of training and professional development of the staff, well-organized, consequently, a high level of competence of the staff,
  • the system of motivation of the personnel to be effective, decent conditions of work;
  • the Company’s ability to adapt quickly to market changes