Production of the components

We provide professional assistance in the provision of different types of work of manufacture of tooling for both standard and non-standard equipment, conveyors(gateways) , ferries, trolleys, transport, inclineurs , shelves industrial automotive parts and other equipment for the automotive industry.

Our production cycle includes:
• Design – a step responsible and very important . It is necessary to take into account the technical requirements of the customer: the project developed must be adapted to the needs of the customer. Otherwise, a large part of the work for the implementation of the following might prove to be useless(even if this work is done professionally).
• The selection of materials and supply of components;
• The manufacture of the entire range of the components of any complexity on our production facility located near Moscow;
• The assembly of the primary elements designed by systems, using components of its own production manufactured according to a particular project.


In this moment, our production allows to perform the complete cycle of production of the spare parts : manufacture up…
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