Engineering systems creating

Engineering systems is a set of equipment, used to ensure the viability of a site (economic or production buildings or spaces).

These systems include:

  • electricity, automation;
  • ventilation equipment, air conditioning system;
  • heating and water-supplying;
  • drainage, sewerage, sanitation, stations evacuation;
  • refrigeration equipment;
  • fire-alarm and fire-protection systems;
  • suspension and barriers construction.

The company BIKATECHPROM offers the full range of engineering systems mounting, installation cold and hot water distribution systems, heating systems, works with the steel, copper and polymer pipes, fire and sanitary hot and cold water systems mounting, canalization systems improvement, the assembly and the implementation of state-of-the equipment of low voltage, refrigeration, air-conditioning and ventilation systems installation and commissioning, the delivery of whole range of equipment and components for air conditioning systems (on the stage of construction or reconstruction), construction and ventilation systems fire-protection by new fire-resistant materials.


The company provides a full range of engineering services-consulting, design, installation, commissioning work…
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The company carries out a complete set of construction and installation of metal structures, partitions to framing and siding…
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The company provides the realization of welding work in all areas of assembly of building structures and technical systems of health…
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